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Reduce your bills and save the planet, all at once

Thousands of homeowners along the country are struggling right now because of their electricity bills. Many of our clients found themselves giving up their hobbies, their amenities, and even their salaries to get those bills paid, just to get a new higher one at the end of the month.


What our customers found was they didn’t have to tolerate more injustices from their electricity facility, and that they can actually own their own Solar Panel System, without any money from their pocket.


At GreenPACE Capital, we believe every family has the right to become energy independent, that’s why we facilitate financing tools for them to switch to solar, while reducing their bills and saving the planet, all at once!

``I was talking to a friend of mine about the insane amount of money I was spending on electricity. He told me there are programs for me to get solar at a really low cost, that’s how I found GreenPACE Capital. I called them and they took care of everything! And to this day I still haven’t given them any money, on the contrary, my electricity bill reduced nearly by half.''

John Warren


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