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Throughout the years we have focused on making solar available for everyone




About us

GreenPACE Capital is a nationally recognized financial company that specializes in solar financing.


We help homeowners, non-profit, tax-exempt and commercial organizations to finance solar energy systems that saves them thousands of dollars while helping the planet.

Our clients, our priority

We are the only financing company that offers a suitable solution for everyone

Great savings starting on year one.
Raise property value preserving traditional bank credit.
``I heard about the tax benefits from getting solar, but, as a non-profit organization, never figured we could use those same benefits to reduce our spend on electricity. GPC did everything for us, from the paperwork to the installation. As our installation is brand new, we’re still waiting to see how much we’re saving on electricity, but so far I’m really happy with the results.''

William Henderson

Meet our experts

Our team is formed by experts in different areas that have come to the same conclusion: We want to save the future. That’s why we try our best to make solar easy, convenient and achievable for everyone.

Andrew Gold

Managing Principal

Boris Piskun

Managing Principal

Jorge López

Operations Vice President

Lorena Marabotto

Operation Business Unit

Katherine Castillo

PV Specialist

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