GreenPACE Capital is a nationally recognized finance company that specializes in financing programs for solar and commercial property improvements. We provide businesses, non-profits, and tax-exempt organizations with access to energy-efficient upgrades that help them save thousands of dollars every year, all while making a difference in the planet.
Based in Laguna Beach, we’ve seen what is possible when companies invest in sustainability and e want to use that knowledge to make efficiency affordable and accessible by partnering with property owners, states, local governments, financial investors, and committed contractors all across the country.
At GreenPACE Capital,  we bring years of financial expertise and know-how to the national stage, providing sophisticated investment structures and credit experience to each transaction. Our aim is to help usher in a green new era by eliminating the barriers for commercial property owners.
We’re excited to help build a cleaner world, and we want you to be a part of that too!

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