Frequently Asked Questions

For Contractors

Who can I offer GPC/PACE to?

Any commercial building in California that is located in an approved county. From super markets to non-profit organizations we can find a way to fund the project.

What are some benefits of PACE?

Is an easy to qualify product that allows you to get up to 100% project costs without opening a credit line under the owner’s name, expanding the capital capabilities of the business owner. PACE has longer terms than a regular or traditional loan, giving you positive cashflow and lower payments since year one.

How long does it take to approve a loan?

Depending on the project, we have an approval process that can take as little as 24hrs. We have a first class underwriting team that can give us a response on record time for all of your projects.

Do you have a minimum loan amount? 

We don’t have a maximum or minimum loan amount, as we maintain our focus on funding any energy efficient improvement that your customer qualifies for.

What’s the down side of PACE?

Has to be used on energy efficient improvements that are not portable, so small appliances or moving parts cannot be funded by us, is only available in limited counties, meaning not all owners can qualify for our product.

How do you fund the project?

Depending on the project, we can provide equipment on permitting for solar projects, 80% payment at installation and the remaining portion after PTO.

Do you have a dealer fee?

No, we don’t have a dealer fee for your projects, we just deliver a finance option for your project with no additional cost to you.

Can I choose my building materials?

Yes, we don’t have a list of pre approved materials, giving you freedom to select the equipment of your choice. We just ask you to add the equipment description on our agreement and that it matches with the invoice delivered.

Which documents do I need to sign up with you?

We need an active CSLB license, a W 9 form and your GL Insurance. We sign an agreement once we have that information.



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