Retroactive Financing

Safely recover capital from previous upgrades.


What is Retroactive Financing?

It’s a way to recover capital and improve cash flow within days by cashing-out on building improvements made during the last 3 years.

This fast-approval and low-interest rate solution is available  through our CPACE  program for Commercial property owners that are in need of additional liquidity.

With GPC’s long-terms, fixed rates,  quick and simple financing process, you could replenish reserves within a couple of days from applying.

Retroactive Financing will improve your current economic situation and provide the stability your business needs without taking on the burden of traditional loans. Plus it’s available for a wide range of upgrades done to your property.

Let us contribute to the health of your business economy through our funding solutions.


Bring a lifeline to your business

with easy access to cash.

Recapitalize and use retroactive financing to:

check 13 Improve cash-flow

check 13 Boost your balance sheet

check 13 Cover overhead and operating costs

check 13 Pay down existing secured debt

Financing that works in your favor

Enjoy our fast, easy and uncomplicated approval process.

check 13 Get approved based primarily on property equity 

 rather than business financials or rent roll

check 13 Recapitalize the entire project with 100% financing

check 13 Net proceeds up to 15-20% of property value

check 13 No prepayment penalties provide future flexibility

check 13 Overcome debt limitations with up to 100% CLTV


check 13 Prepayable at any time with no penalties


check 13 Partial prepayments that reamortize to lower annual payments


check 13 No financial covenants or personal guarantees


What projects qualify?

All eligible improvements qualify for retroactive financing through GreenPACE Capital

check 13 Building Envelope

check 13 Energy Efficiency

check 13 Seismic Retrofitting

check 13 Renewable Energy

check 13 Energy Storage

check 13 EV Charging

check 13 Water Conservation

check 13 Wildfire Protection

"Our partnership with GreenPace Capital has been fantastic!  Financing solar projects for Commercial and Non-Profit customers has been streamlined, customer and project approvals within a few days, the communication with the GPC team has always been open. All in all, a good experience.''      

Antonio Sandoval. Channel Partner

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